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Volunteer Cheryl

Des Moines Volunteer Cheryl

"I Can't Do It Enough"

Cheryl is just one of over 500 volunteers across the state of Iowa who love reading for IRIS. "This is hands down the most fun thing I do!" In the last few months, Cheryl logged plenty of hours at the IRIS microphone. "I don't have to be perfect - I'm not a DJ. I just like to do it - it picks me up!" Cheryl's voice picks up our listeners as well - and is just one of the thousands of reasons we are beginning to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

We will have multiple ways to celebrate in the coming months:


Our third annual gathering of listeners, volunteers and friends to make a little noise and have some fun together! Transportation is available for our listeners. Please call to RSVP or reserve transportation at 243-6833.

IRIS Delivers Access to the Arts for All Ages and Abilities!

Snow White Group

The IRIS SENSATION! Team started their journey with description of Les Miserables at the Des Moines Performing Arts in October 2012. Our progress has been more than we could have imagined! In early 2013, we partnered with Ballet Iowa to provide description at their presentation of Snow White. Pictured: Ballet Des Moines' Artistic Director Serkan Usta with Deb Caldbeck, Elsie & Arlo Monthei.

Sensation Description Team Mainstream Friends In September, we kicked off our partnership with the Des Moines Community Playhouse with two performances of Fiddler on the Roof. November brought our first Friday Funday at The Playhouse - with tailored description that provides plot support to patrons with learning differences. It was great to chat with students and staff from Mainstream Living in Ames. SENSATION! volunteers Linda and Shawn provided description for The Frog Prince at Friday Funday.

Tickets on Sale Now

Des Moines Performing Arts Civic Center Logo

April 27


We Will Rock You

June 15


Phantom of the Opera

Sept. 14, 21


Des Moines Community Playhouse Logo
Les Miserables

March 30, April 15



IRIS is a free radio reading service that reads print information aloud to thousands of listeners throughout Iowa. Each day, volunteers in 7 locations sit down in front of an IRIS microphone and read aloud from their local newspapers. The readings are heard on custom receivers that are provided to our listeners at no cost to them. The volunteer Voices of IRIS, over 400 strong, keep our listeners connected to their communities - and their world.

Our Mission: The Iowa Radio Reading Information Service for the Blind and Print Handicapped (IRIS) exists to bring the world of information to Iowans who cannot access the printed word because of blindness, visual or physical impairment or learning difference.

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Office: 515.243.6833

Toll Free: 877.404.4747

Fax: 515.883.1906

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"I listen to IRIS every day. It means so much to be able to stay on top of all the news and health information." Mavis