IRIS Delivers Access To Information

IRIS is a free radio reading service that reads print information aloud to over 11,000 print-disabled listeners throughout Iowa. In normal times, volunteers in 7 locations sit down in front of an IRIS microphone and read aloud from their local newspapers each day. The readings are heard on custom receivers that are provided to our listeners at no cost to them. When COVID shut the world down, our volunteers started recording the newspapers from their homes.

Because of these beautiful volunteer Voices of IRIS, our listeners haven’t missed a day. 

A Drive-in Movie Night for EVERYBODY – for FREE!  

Audio Description and Closed Captioning will be presented to the entire audience. 

This is a great opportunity to experience Audio Description (which IRIS performs at live theater events throughout Iowa). 


Admission is FREE – but we do require folks to register so that we can plan accordingly. 

Monthly Giving Makes ALL the Difference!

Our Friends of IRIS Monthly Giving program makes supporting IRIS as easy as pie. As a Friend of IRIS, your recurring gifts help IRIS remain strong. No checks or stamps or hoping the mail gets through. Just a few clicks to set it up and you're done! From monthly gifts to one-time contributions to estate giving and underwriting, there are lots of ways to support the volunteer Voices of IRIS!

IRIS By the Numbers

hours a day

IRIS provides continuous programming 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 


From around the state, listeners hear IRIS from their homes, hospitals, and living facilities.


Volunteers read from 7 different locations around the state of Iowa.

Ways to Listen

IRIS provides accessible options for listeners, including custom radio & digital receivers, web stream, podcasts, mobile phones, smart speakers, & mobile devices.

$ 1
Costs to iris

Equipment costs to IRIS range from $40-$335 per listener, depending on location.

Programming cost to IRIS is approximately 13 cents per listener per day.

$ 0
Cost to Listeners

We are able to keep our services free to all listeners thanks to donors like you. 

Listen to IRIS

IRIS is a service provided at no cost to you. Anyone in Iowa living with a visual, cognitive, or physical disability that prevents them from reading print material can become an IRIS listener today for free.

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