IRIS Delivers Access To Information

IRIS is a free radio reading service that reads print information aloud to over 3,000 print-disabled listeners throughout Iowa. Every day of the year, volunteers in 7 locations sit down in front of an IRIS microphone and read aloud from their local newspapers. The readings are heard on custom receivers that are provided to our listeners at no cost to them. The volunteer Voices of IRIS, over 300 strong, keep our listeners connected to their communities – and their world.

Let's Buy Some Radios!

The radio shelves are bare! Your contribution to IRIS will be matched by one of our  generous (and very smart) donors!  $30 buys one of our basic custom IRIS radios that are provided to our listeners at NO COST TO THEM. You in? Sponsor an IRIS radio. 

Listen to IRIS

IRIS is a service provided at no cost to you. Anyone in Iowa living with a visual, cognitive, or physical disability that prevents them from reading print material can become an IRIS listener today for free.

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