Thursday, October 21
We're Removing all barriers to LAUGHTER!

Join us for an all-access showing of the classic comedy Airplane! at the Hy-Vee Drive-In Theater at Valley West Mall. 

When people with vision or hearing disabilities go to a movie, they usually have to take extra steps to find devices or services to make the movie accessible for them. 

That’s why IRIS is teaming up with our sponsors to present a Drive-In Movie experience for the WHOLE COMMUNITY by broadcasting Audio Description and Closed-Captioning to the entire audience. Our friends at Hayes Interpreting services will be providing live ASL Interpretation as well. 


But REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED so that we can configure the space for wheelchairs and accessible vehicles. 


  • Hy-Vee Drive-In Theater at Valley West Mall
  • Gates Open at 5:00PM
  • Concessions Will Be Available
  • Audio: Your Car Radio or Portable FM Radio
  • Masking Required Outside of Your Square
  • We Even Have Accessible Porta-Potties! 
  • Program: 6:00PM – Movie Start: Dusk
  • Donations to IRIS will be Accepted (and APPRECIATED) at the event. 

SHIRLEY Accessible Could Not Happen Without Our Sponsors!

YOU Could Be a SHIRLEY Sponsor Too!